Thank You (Ode To Poetry) ©

Thank You

Thank you for being my words, when my emotions left me speechless.
For being a bucket that caught my tears, when my eyes became a faucet.
For understanding me, when I thought no one else would;
And listening, when no one wanted to hear my woes.
For being my dehumidifier. Cleaning my air, after I vented my negative energy.
Thank you retuning my heart strings, each time they were out of tune,
For mending my heart, each time it felt a little broken.
For your company during all my lonely moments.
Thank you for being my sanity, when I was overwhelmed with emotions.
For being my drug, when I needed a fix.
For being my motivation, when I felt like giving up.
For being my eyes, when my vision was blurred.
Like the sun which brings light into the Earth. Thank you for being the star at the centre of my solar system.
Thank you for my freedom of expression. Whether it were love, sex or healing for mild depression.
For never casting any judgment.
For your presence alone, when I just needed a little motivation.
For being more than a friend, when I felt the others were against me.
For being warmth when my world felt cold.
Thank you for saying you’d never leave and proving it with your actions.
For being at my beck and call, whether it’s 10pm or 4 in the morning.
Thank you. My creativity.
This is my ode to Poetry…💖
Flo’Etic ©


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