Deep Opression

So much was asked of me through the mouths of my peers; 

And so much expected of me through the laws of society. 

“Don’t lose focus now, You’ve come too far”

But my paths were merging, I didn’t know where to focus my energy. 

I’ve spent my life time learning how to forgive; Not only myself, but all those I gave love and trust to,

Now I’m burdened, broken & vulnerable 

My worlds caving in, this is not what I practised, this is not the plan. This is impromptu. 

Stigmatised, victimised, paralysed & hypnotised,

A sudden swoon of depression; I shied away from my reflection 

Floating in a world of deep – oppression 

Is this depression?. Modern day oppression. Poetry becomes my expression. Self dissection. Deep meditation. Separation… 



Bible clutched in left hand; glass of bleach in the right, I get down on my knees. 

Father I need you, help me please. 

My mind is not my own; 

and my souls left me alone. 

Im not feeling like myself, I’m afraid for me.

They have me in the flesh, but my soul has wandered; Picking up my psyche, piece by piece,

They look into my eyes, they can see that I’m empty,

I’ve gone to search for some sanity and my inner peace. 

Along this journey I danced with angels,

Who watered me with knowledge, to aid my growth. 

I understand that I must make changes,

Lesson learned, I take a divine oath. 

Without self love, I’ll always be at their mercy, 

Without a pure heart, I’ll always battle with evil,

With bitterness , I’ll never be better than the enemy,

And If I’m anything, but myself, I’ll always be Feeble. 

~ Flo’Etic © ~ #poem #poet #poetry #spokenwordpoetry #spokenword #poetess #femalepoet #blackpoet #risingpoet #art #love #passion #selflove #ukpoetrysquad #dealingwithlife #selfgrowth #believeinyouruniverse #twitter #wordpressblogger 


If Heaven Had Visiting Hours

If heaven had visiting times,

I’d always be by your side,

Always making sure you’re alright;

Tucking you in and kissing you goodnight. 
If heaven had visiting times,

There’d be no need for me to cry,

Coz we’d always have quality time,

And I’d get to hug you and squeeze you tight. 
If heaven had visiting times,

Everyday I’d look forward to seeing you smile,

I knows it’s just as beautiful as mine,

Bright, beautiful & divine. 
Just the little things would mean the world to me. 

Like touching your hands or stroking your cheeks. 

Telling you I love you and watching you sleep. 
Every time I see a butterfly I see you,

Humble, beautiful & free,

And I wish I could join you and leave the world behind,

But for now I have the fulfill the purpose, and live through my destiny. 
If heaven had visiting hours…
Flo’Etic ©




#Empress ~ #Warrior ~ #Lover ~ #Rebel (with a cause)#TheRevelutionMustPhotographed & Televised. You•Will•Respect•Me👑👊🏾 This is taken from the FIRST ever piece I performed live. Firstly in front of my colleagues and then at my FIRST ever open mic January 2015 (thanks to Kojo @ #FreedomsCorner); What a journey it has been since then… I’m going to record the full version & upload to YouTube. *~Respect Me~*
Look. I ain’t asking for much, but for you to respect me.
Respect the woman that I am and the one that I aim to be.
Do not “objectify”, “undervalue” and be so quick to judge me;
Because what? I don’t fit into this “image of society”
Darling please…✋🏾 I was born individual,
I am more than what appeals to your visual,
More than just my physical,
I am spiritual & intellectual,
But you wouldn’t know, Coz you have not taken the time out to “RESPECT ME”
Respect me ~ By Flo’Etic ©. #poet #poetess #poetry #blackpoet#femalepoet #floacist #spokenwordartist #passion #freedomofexpression#ukpoet #ukpoetrysquad #buildingmybrand #empowerment #risingpoets*OneLove* 💛💚📖🎶 please follow @sofloetic_

Love Of My Life

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Unborn Love

Unborn Love

I had the most amazing dream last night.
Your hair was curly and jet black like coal.
Your smile was bright like a perfect summers morning.
And your eyes; they twinkled like a million stars in the galaxy.
Your skin was smooth and brown like cocoa grown in the motherland and you looked at me with unconditional love. You hugged me like I was best thing that ever happened to you.
You were my purpose, you were my perfect, you were my complete.
Although it was only dream, you make everything in my world better when I reminisce.
I was your queen, you were perfect little princess. Life’s completeness.
I didn’t wanna wake. Matter of fact I sleep walk & dream with my eyes open.
So that I can see you all day.
Subconsciously, waiting for you physically.
The universe will send you to me.
Flo’Etic ©


Thank You (Ode To Poetry) ©

Thank You

Thank you for being my words, when my emotions left me speechless.
For being a bucket that caught my tears, when my eyes became a faucet.
For understanding me, when I thought no one else would;
And listening, when no one wanted to hear my woes.
For being my dehumidifier. Cleaning my air, after I vented my negative energy.
Thank you retuning my heart strings, each time they were out of tune,
For mending my heart, each time it felt a little broken.
For your company during all my lonely moments.
Thank you for being my sanity, when I was overwhelmed with emotions.
For being my drug, when I needed a fix.
For being my motivation, when I felt like giving up.
For being my eyes, when my vision was blurred.
Like the sun which brings light into the Earth. Thank you for being the star at the centre of my solar system.
Thank you for my freedom of expression. Whether it were love, sex or healing for mild depression.
For never casting any judgment.
For your presence alone, when I just needed a little motivation.
For being more than a friend, when I felt the others were against me.
For being warmth when my world felt cold.
Thank you for saying you’d never leave and proving it with your actions.
For being at my beck and call, whether it’s 10pm or 4 in the morning.
Thank you. My creativity.
This is my ode to Poetry…💖
Flo’Etic ©