More poems pending

I Challenge You


I Challenge You

Catch 22

Body spread,
Across continents
Surfing oceans on my bed,
Feeding compliments
You feel so good
You taste so right
release so euphoric
I wanna play all night.

 Playing the pungi
snake charmer,
controlling the cobra
mutually feeding the hunger,
toes curling,
teeth sinking,

 Sweat dripping
Sheet gripping
Nail digging
Name calling

 Baby you’re a-    ahhh

 As you,
Kiss this
Then this, then this
Then this, then this
Right here, just there
Right theeeere!

 High pitch, clit pulsating
deep grunt, penis pumping
climax approaching
legs shaking
bed breaking
but you are so done with caring
in this —- moment
you are my beast!!

If this is wrong,
I don’t wanna be right
funny how it’s synchronised
must be guilt on our minds
at the same time…
Boyfriend’s texting
He’s out cheating
Girlfriends calling,
she’s home with a next ting,
legs wrapped around him,
hoping you wont disturb them.

 In the midst of our limb stretching,
receiving texts…
“late shift, I’ll be round in the morning”

What a hell of a 4 way,
catch 22 on this infidelity,
nothing matters as we seek pleasure,
seems with pleasure, comes no loyalty


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