Greetings all, 
Some call me Nayy, some call me Diiva!

Ever since my memory allows me to remember, putting pen to paper, has always been my way of expressing how I feel. Hahaha, Mum always use to cuss me for all my books and papers of endless writing, I had tucked away in my bedroom. She used to sometimes sneak and read my poems, and then ask me why I never spoke to her about how I was feeling. I never really had the answer to her question… Well I did, but I was afraid my answer would hurt her feelings. After a while, mum grew to accept that writing was my way of saying how I felt, and she chose to read my stuff, just so that she could understand my state of mind sometimes.

Being a teenager was not easy (as we all know), I experienced things, saw things and heard things, that I could not un-see, un-hear on reverse. Writing became my escape, I didn’t feel like talking to my “friends”, i just wanted to talk to my book. I understood that my book wouldn’t judge me, I understood that my book would listen to me, hear my side of things, my book would not tell me that i was lying, or spread rumours. Any response my book gave, would only be a reflection of my feelings and that made me happy. I was satisfied.

The older I got, the more I enjoyed writing, singing and composing music, but i lost my way and writing then became a way of me just expressing a lot of pain and anger! 

After a series of events, at the age of 23, I finally started to get back to ME. My self-love, self-respect and self-belief manifested. I had a whole new outlook of life and started doing things to better myself. I decided to start writing and recording again in 2012, I had so much to offer to the world, I wanted to spread messages and touch souls. And now here I am! What a journey it has been and a journey it will be!

My poetry has no specific genre. And putting a bunch of rhyming words together, is not the only form of poetry. Some of mine rhyme, some don’t. I’m an expresser of everything, but I do admit that I thoroughly enjoy writing my Erotic and sensual pieces!
My mind sometimes wonders… Freely. Some say iLive in my own little bubble. *Guilty* Lol.

This is my Freedom of Expression. iExpress how iFeel and iShare with everyone. At the end of the day iAm who iAm. My feelings are mine, iHave nothing to hide.

I strive to maintain a positive attitude, with the brightest smile, always making sure everyone around me is happy, but I’m only human, I’ll have my moments. Most of my emotions are caught in my poems.

Please feel free to contact me, if you would like for me to write a piece for you, please follow me on my social media sites to stay updated with all things Flo’Etic and check out my videos and share with people you feel may enjoy!



Peace, Love & DiivaKisses


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