Unborn Love

Unborn Love

I had the most amazing dream last night.
Your hair was curly and jet black like coal.
Your smile was bright like a perfect summers morning.
And your eyes; they twinkled like a million stars in the galaxy.
Your skin was smooth and brown like cocoa grown in the motherland and you looked at me with unconditional love. You hugged me like I was best thing that ever happened to you.
You were my purpose, you were my perfect, you were my complete.
Although it was only dream, you make everything in my world better when I reminisce.
I was your queen, you were perfect little princess. Life’s completeness.
I didn’t wanna wake. Matter of fact I sleep walk & dream with my eyes open.
So that I can see you all day.
Subconsciously, waiting for you physically.
The universe will send you to me.
Flo’Etic ©



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