Deep Opression

So much was asked of me through the mouths of my peers; 

And so much expected of me through the laws of society. 

“Don’t lose focus now, You’ve come too far”

But my paths were merging, I didn’t know where to focus my energy. 

I’ve spent my life time learning how to forgive; Not only myself, but all those I gave love and trust to,

Now I’m burdened, broken & vulnerable 

My worlds caving in, this is not what I practised, this is not the plan. This is impromptu. 

Stigmatised, victimised, paralysed & hypnotised,

A sudden swoon of depression; I shied away from my reflection 

Floating in a world of deep – oppression 

Is this depression?. Modern day oppression. Poetry becomes my expression. Self dissection. Deep meditation. Separation… 



Bible clutched in left hand; glass of bleach in the right, I get down on my knees. 

Father I need you, help me please. 

My mind is not my own; 

and my souls left me alone. 

Im not feeling like myself, I’m afraid for me.

They have me in the flesh, but my soul has wandered; Picking up my psyche, piece by piece,

They look into my eyes, they can see that I’m empty,

I’ve gone to search for some sanity and my inner peace. 

Along this journey I danced with angels,

Who watered me with knowledge, to aid my growth. 

I understand that I must make changes,

Lesson learned, I take a divine oath. 

Without self love, I’ll always be at their mercy, 

Without a pure heart, I’ll always battle with evil,

With bitterness , I’ll never be better than the enemy,

And If I’m anything, but myself, I’ll always be Feeble. 

~ Flo’Etic © ~ #poem #poet #poetry #spokenwordpoetry #spokenword #poetess #femalepoet #blackpoet #risingpoet #art #love #passion #selflove #ukpoetrysquad #dealingwithlife #selfgrowth #believeinyouruniverse #twitter #wordpressblogger 


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