#Empress ~ #Warrior ~ #Lover ~ #Rebel (with a cause)#TheRevelutionMustPhotographed & Televised. You•Will•Respect•Me👑👊🏾 This is taken from the FIRST ever piece I performed live. Firstly in front of my colleagues and then at my FIRST ever open mic January 2015 (thanks to Kojo @ #FreedomsCorner); What a journey it has been since then… I’m going to record the full version & upload to YouTube. *~Respect Me~*
Look. I ain’t asking for much, but for you to respect me.
Respect the woman that I am and the one that I aim to be.
Do not “objectify”, “undervalue” and be so quick to judge me;
Because what? I don’t fit into this “image of society”
Darling please…✋🏾 I was born individual,
I am more than what appeals to your visual,
More than just my physical,
I am spiritual & intellectual,
But you wouldn’t know, Coz you have not taken the time out to “RESPECT ME”
Respect me ~ By Flo’Etic ©. #poet #poetess #poetry #blackpoet#femalepoet #floacist #spokenwordartist #passion #freedomofexpression#ukpoet #ukpoetrysquad #buildingmybrand #empowerment #risingpoets*OneLove* 💛💚📖🎶 please follow @sofloetic_

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