Reality in a Dream

I wrote this in my sleep last night, it somehow stuck with me. So wrote it on paper. I decided to call it

– Reality in my Dream-

Lemme be painfully & poetically honest.

Although the scars of ur love have healed, the bruises and memories remain.
And the thought of your betrayal still hurts. Your name. On the brain. Like a stain.

We fell in love, from a young tender age, so I understand how we got it kind of wrong.
But you gotta admit that we experienced so much, I cant fathom how space between us, produced you a son?

I held you down like a real woman should, too young to care, to ignorant to listen.
And believe me, I’ll always be happy for you, its funny how another girl now shares with you, what was our vision.

No one would fully understand what it was, coz they only hear pieces, they only witnessed a fraction.
It’s a bittersweet taste on my tongue, coz though it broke me, the pain was also my foundation.

Finally I was able to let go, out of your shadow, myself I rediscovered.
Where unhappiness and self hate became my home, I’m a better woman now, that’s what matters, though it were a battle, I’ve recovered.

No words can express how blessed I feel, tears of gratitude when I look at how far I have come.
But some nights my thoughts do consume me, I feel angry over the damage that was done.

You were the first love, and what I thought was forever. However now you’re just a part of the journey.
As we crashed like, raging waves against rocks, sometimes I’m haunted by coldest end, to the hottest love story!



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