Inside & Out


Through my flaws, you still see beauty… An appreciator of raw realness. A lover of substance.
Prominent. Your kingliness is predominant. Manly, sexy and confident. Unafraid of being affectionate. Making love to me, ur sex is so passionate.
Looking at me with desire. Making me fall In love with my imperfections. Ur touch so delicate. Sends currents through my veins. Electric. Making me a lover of my thickness. Morning face & morning breath kisses. And you still find me attractive?
So patient. Open with ur emotions. Free with ur love. Digging for all I’ve hidden. You believe in my greatness.
Inside and out.

– Flo’Etic ©


3 thoughts on “Inside & Out

  1. It’s always pleasant to read your thoughts. Your poem illustrates that a poem is something like a mountain stream that flashes in light, then lost in shadow, leaps with a kind of wild joy into the abyss, emerges victorious.

    Oh, Naomi, you go kill me shy.

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