Sex & Love & Love & Sex

Love AmbiguouslySex & Love & Love & Sex

Sex & Love & Love & Sex

How bad do you wanna
Love me?
How deep are willing to go
To find my soul?
Do you believe that patience is rewarded with virtue?
If we meet in the middle. Pace it
No too fast. Not too slow.

This poem speaks of sex and love.
Love and sex
How did two things so simply beautiful. To be enjoyed
Become so Hurtful
So complex?
Coz apart from words. With sex my deepest emotions I love to express.
I know what I love. The feeling of ecstatic satisfaction.
U caressed my mind. I touched ur soul. Then u applied clitoral stimulation.
Where’s the maturity in my generation?
Now there’s an elephant in the room because of a moment of passion.
Lack of friendship. Break down in communication.
Cracks in what was our progressive foundation.
Then our relationship becomes some sort of situation?

If I promised that it’ll be worth it.
Will you make love to me, only when Ive showed that “I” deserve it.
There’s chapters behind my solitude.
Do you accept that I’m perfectly imperfect?

Could you still dream of loving me, without sex being a distraction.
Could our 2 hearts become 1, before our bodies make that connection.
Will you massage my mind as good as you’ll provide physical satisfaction.
Can we mix chemistry and biology & expect a good reaction?

Do you like history.
Do you like to read.
I wonder if you’ve got the patience to study me.
enough, to understand what it is that I need.
How bad do you wanna
“Love me”
How “deep” are you really willing to go.
Can you handle the complexity?
Or am I crazy for thinking that love and sex could simultaneously flow…

– © Flo’Etic


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