A Heart That Speaks (Short Piece)

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blog bf

Ever Had A Moment? A Rare Moment, Where You Have To Question, Was This A Dream, Or Was This Actually Reality?

Being A Single Woman, In Your 20’s, Seems To Be Of The Norm, But What Shocks Me The Most, Is How Hard It Is To Find A Man, Who Is Open, Honest & Respectful! Dating Seems To Be OutDATED. People Are Just Engaging In Intercourse & Posing For Photographs.

The Meaning Of Relationships Have Changed. We All Want That Mr or Mrs Perfect, But Want To Be Accepted For Not Being Perfect Ourselves. Ha! Do You See That Contradiction?

If Someone Comes Along & Respects You, Takes That Time To Understand You & Support You, Hold Onto Them.

Women Do Not Be Afraid To Respect Yourself, Men Do Not Be Afraid To Respect & Protect The Black Woman (May I Add Women In General)

Hope You Enjoy This Short Piece (Voice Video On YouTube)

A Heart That Speaks.

In the arms of a king. Lost between the rhythm of his beating heart, the smell of his subtle but manly cologne, while being hypnotised by the voice of Ms Badu, craftily playing in the background. My hairs stand to attention as he takes a deep breath and squeezes me even tighter. Running his fingers up and down my skin.
Fingers tapping to the beat of the music. Silence and body language, speaking louder than a town cryer.
The silence of our voices, allowing our senses to connect with the minds.
I understand you. As if morse code. The beats of his heart. Speaks to me

“Empress I don’t wanna hurt you, just give me a chance to repair you, let me be your black messiah, your carpenter. The Akhenaten to your Nefertiti. Allow me to hold you so tight, the heat of my embrace glues all your broken pieces back together. Natural woman. Ambition. Strong but shy. Independent. I know your at the end of the noose but please let me be the last time you need to make a choice on whether or not letting a man in is a risk. Allow me to protect your heart, to explore your mind and inspire your creativity. And one day we can recreate. A life which will know & grow in endless love.  I respect your love of self & your ability to maintain your happiness. I’d never take that away, but at least let me be a percentage of what you makes you smile. To be a reason you love your flaws. Let me love you for your imperfections. No disease or infection, could ever camouflage that still you are rare and precious.  The beauty of your ebony skin and the firmness of your thickness. An original black woman, non hypersexualised, one of these robots, manufactured by doctors to fit an imagine of a person who’s sole intentions is dress for likes to boost the ego. I admire your realness. Privalidged to have the love, of one of the last left of a dying breed. Allow me, to beg you to be.what will help mould me into a better man. For you to be my happiness. To serve you. Love and protect you, under the watchful eye of the most high. For. No matter where I’m at in life. You always see the best in me”

Flipped onto his lap. As if gazing at stars we stared into each other’s eyes. As the lyrics flowed “catch a four leaf clover” we embraced in a kiss that enlightened our heart chakras. He became my Clark Kent. His words burned my emotions.
My ice was slowing melting. As my eyes released H2. O. This feeling’s Overwhelming A moment that may have just changed the lonely plans I had envisioned for the rest of my lonely life.
Part 1.



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